Integrated Balance  - Psychotherapy and Chemical Dependency Counseling
Life is about balance...
It is my single goal to help you succeed in over coming the challenges you are facing. I have a significant amount of education and training in mental health and substance use to utilize in your treatment. I am a dedicated therapist, working with you as a partner to achieve a positive resolution and change. Treatment is strength based, designed to support hope, resilience, and recovery. Please call today... I want to help.
With Integrated Balance you'll find a comfortable relaxing environment that provides best practice and solution driven therapy. Often a person may have navigated well through life's difficulties but then find themselves faced with something they might need a little support with. This is where Integrated Balance can help. With a large range of therapy modalities to draw from and a significant amount of education and training in mental health and substance treatment, Integrated Balance providers will use their skills, experience, and expertise to help you in your life's journey. While therapy/counseling can range from several sessions a week to only a few each month, know that Integrated Balance is committed to walking the distance with you to gain the positive outlook and change you desire.
                         Please call us today...we want to help
If you feel I can help you in the challenges you face, please call me. Allow me an opportunity to discuss with you, your insurance coverage, payment options/arrangements, and any other coverage concerns you may have. We can work together to find a solution.
For individuals who do not wish to use their insurance or do not have insurance, I offer cash pay appointments on a sliding scale.
I have significant specific advanced training in EMDR, DBT, CBT, and treatment of Co-Occurring diagnosis. Below is a partial list of concerns/issues that I treat (a full list is on the Therapy/Counseling page):
  • parenting issues
  • depression/major depression
  • grief
  • self-harming
  • suicide ideation
  • anger management
  • PTSD
  • Trauma
  • Adoption
  • severe and persistent mental illness
  • mood disorders
  • anxiety
Chemical Dependency/ Substance Treatment
In additional to being a Chemical Dependency Counselor, I am an International Certified Alcohol And Drug Counselor . I hold additional credentialing in Idaho as an Advanced Chemical and Alcohol Dependency Counselor and also a Chemical Dependency Supervisor. I am also Certified/Credentialed in the State of Washington for Chemical Dependency.
Services are individualized to meet your specific needs.
I truly believe in providing  services with unconditional positive regard. I have worked closely with the court system and with individuals who have been mandated to treatment. I know how important dignity and sense of self-respect is to a person's recovery.
Current Accepted In-Network Insurance

  • Tricare/Triwest (United Healthcare Military & Veterans)
  • Asuris Northwest Health
  • Premera
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Regence
  • Medicare
  • First Choice
  • Aetna
  • Group Health PPO

I will update the "accepted insurance"  list as I receive contracts from these and other insurance companies and am signed on as a Preferred Provider. It can take 30 to 90 days to complete the process once a provider applies.
If I am out-if-network for your insurance company, I am happy to apply to become a provider or bill out-of-network to them. Regardless of payment source, therapy, counseling, and/or substance treatment services shouldn’t be delayed because of a provider being “In” or “Out" of network for a specific insurance company.